On behalf of the The Strawberry Supernodes, we are pleased to announce that we will be running as a candidate for the Cyber Republic Council.  We have formed a team of 3 like minded individuals who share the same goals and vision to help the Elastos ecosystem grow and become adopted globally. Our roots grow deep in the community where we have been heavily involved with Elastos from the beginning and all share Rong Chen’s vision of a new smart web. With open minds and motivation to succeed we are excited to help bring a superior, more safe and secure internet of dapps to life!

The Strawberry Council consists of (4) key members from the The Wild Strawberry Supernodes.

  • Big Kahuna
  • First Class Era
  • Mark E Blair M.D. 

Questions & Answers

Could you please introduce your educational background, profession, and interests?

The Strawberry Council has an interesting and diversified educational and professional background formed between our four members. Multiple educational degrees are held in Business Management, Marketing, Civil Engineering and medical practice. Our current and past professions include the medical field, multi-media development, marketing, graphic design,  business start-ups, finance, US Airforce, heavy industrial construction and project management.  The various positions held in these professional fields include Director, Medical Doctor, project manager, division manager, business owner.

How did you get involved with Elastos and how do you understand the project?

We’re currently in the process of answering this question, please check back soon.

How do you understand CR and what CR means to Elastos?

The Strawberry Council views the Cyber Republic as a community governed consensus initiated to guide Elastos into the future. The Cyber Republic incentives community participation, contributions and initiatives in a truly democratic system. Specifically the CRC is implemented to guide and assist the growth of the Elastos ecosystem through a consensus that enables interactive and collective decision making.

What things have you done or contributed to the Elastos community?

The Strawberry Council currently runs 3 active supernodes for the Elastos blockchain. All four members of the Strawberry Council are active community members who have always been supportive and creative with the Elastos Community. One of the Strawberry Council members has been a critical figure inside Elastos by bringing creative digital art to help promote the Elastos brand and has recently been creating digital visualizations for various CR outlets.; The Strawberry Council also created an initiative to bring the Elastos brand to apparel (clothing) and other items to support the elastos ecosystem in a positive light.

What are your CR's campaign manifesto and main campaign proposition?

The Strawberry Council strives to be openminded and willing to consider any and all strategic initiatives that may increase developer and user adoption of Elastos. We propose to give fair and equal reviews to all proposals and will strive to work productively with the entirety of the CRC as an overall team, not just as the Strawberry Council. The Strawberry Council believes in an “overall balance” in initiatives and will not become secluded to certain types of proposals. The Strawberry Council’s slogan is “Derived from the community, for the community”. The Strawberry Council plans to support the best interests of the Elastos ecosystem and its investors!

What advantages do you think you have in the election of CR members?

The advantages the Strawberry Council will bring to the CRC and the Elastos blockchain will stem from our professionalism. We believe our vast background in business management, project management, marketing, and the financial markets are all key ingredients to a well rounded CRC candidate. With the Strawberry Council the CRC does not get one bright mind, instead the Strawberry Council provides four professional individuals who’s different strengths combined create a worthy component of the CRC.

If you successfully run for CR members, which community work will you focus on and the development and construction of Elastos?

The main task of the CRC is to review and vote on initiatives / proposals. As mentioned before the Strawberry Council plans to give fair and equal reviews to all proposals. We believe in a well balanced eco system and do not plan to “head hunt” a specific type of proposal. Branching outside of this main task of the CRC we would like to contribute to marketing and advertisement, exchange, digital graphics, and tokenomics initiatives.

If you become a CR member, how do you plan to communicate with the community? How to better serve the community?

The members of the Strawberry Council are very active inside the Elastos community. We will continue to engage with the community through Telegram, Twitter, Medium, and our web site www.strawberrysupernodes.org . Recently the Strawberry Council has also begun to engage with CRC candidates through Wechat.

If you become a CR member, what expectations do you have for CR?

If the Strawberry Council is given the privilege to serve the CRC we look forward to seeing the new era of Elastos come forth, one that promotes community participation and innovation. We hope to see creative and powerful initiatives proposed that will ultimately grow Elastos into a “global standard” with the new age of the internet coming into light. We want to see a vast base of users of Elastos continue to grow at an increasing pace as the ecosystem is built out. The strawberry Council also expects the CRC to help assist with growing the value of ELA so investors can reap the rewards of their investment, patience, confidence, and support to Elastos.